Queen B Cattle Company in Port Saint Lucie, Florida - Top Dollar for Extremely Poor Quality Beef

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Don't be seduced by all the glowing descriptive claims on her website. For my family this is the worst quality beef we've ever eaten.

Not only is it very tough, the steaks and roasts are full of bones, nerves, veins, and other inedible matter. It's extremely unpleasant to chew (and chew and chew!) on a piece of meat for several minutes, and then half to spit half of it out. Your meal turns into a torture session! 50 lbs.

is the minimum order at $7 per lb. so that's $350 down the drain. And you can forget about Ms. Queen B listening to your complaints and doing anything to make things right.

She'll simply refuse to communicate with you.

(She's definitely not Walmart or Publix, who believe in customer satisfaction.) And don't think I know nothing about good-quality grass-fed beef. I lived in Texas, where you'll find people in this business who take pride in their great grass-fed beef.

Queen B Cattle Company in Punta Gorda, Florida - Tough meat

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I bought a 1/4 cow from Queen B Cattle Company because of the great things said on the website, some of them are statements about tenderness, no hormones and no steroids. It has been the toughest and least flavorful meat I have ever bought.

$6.00/lb for ground beef and tough roast and chewy T-bones...what a waste! I've been putting prime steaks in the crockpot just to make them edible.

The owner has refused to work with me on a resolution for her poot quality product.

go to Costco and get better meat for a better price!

Monetary Loss: $410.



Poor guy! You got stuck with 100 lbs.

of her awful beef! For us it was 50 lbs. and that was bad enough.

Isn't it amazing how she's so nice before the sale, but afterwards she totally blows you off? Sooner or later she'll run out of one-time customers.

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